Best 10 Cocktail Bars Around the globe

Wish to know about the absolute most happening bars in the world where in fact the cocktails and the ambience, both have exerted a marvelous spell over patrons year after year. Making them flock with their portals again and again. These cocktail bars have become landmarks within their respective cities and a watering hole for similarly inclined souls.

Here’s a consider the hottest 10 cocktail bars around the world.

Bemelmans Bar, New York. Exuding an old-world elegance and charm, Bemelmans, the exquisitely done up bar at Carlyle Hotel, is a huge Manhattan icon for more than five decades now. This popular watering hole has been attracting patrons from all walks of real life a magnet – socialites, politicians, celebrities and the movers and shakers in politics and Hollywood. Great drinks, great food and attentive service, in conjunction with the iconic 24-carat gold leaf-covered ceiling, make this 1 of the best lounge bars in the city and among the utmost effective bars in the world.

The Connaught Bar, London. Among London’s hottest and iconic bars, the cocktails on the menu are a dramatic mix of tradition and innovation. Nothing significantly less than exclusive vintages and limited edition champagnes, spirits and liqueurs are used, whilst the bartending staff is famed to be the best in the UK.

Le Lion, Hamburg. Hailed as one of the best cocktail bars in Germany, the Le Lion boasts of tastefully done up interiors and flawlessly prepared drinks. Knowledgeable bartenders who create every cocktail with meticulous attention enhance the overall experience.

Closerie des Lilas, Paris. Easily the cream of the crop in Paris, this Parisian bar dates back again to 1847. This 160-year old bar and restaurant is something of a Parisian institution and has been immortalised in two works of Ernest Hemmingway as well. In its heydays, this bar was the favourite haunt of the literary and artistic community. Abundant with history, many celebrities have walked through its portals to pay many a marvelous evening within its interiors. Classic French cuisine and exquisite wines and cocktails – this is a must-visit on any visit to Paris.

Manga Rosa, Lisbon. Located far from the central hustle and bustle of main Lisbon city, the Manga Rosa is really a mesmerising juxtaposition of the industrial and the mobile cocktail service opulent. Real exposed pipes and ventilation shafts loom overhead and on the sides even as glittering chandeliers and extravagant decor complete the picture. It is really a big hit with the young crowd who throng the bar just as much because of its unique ambience in terms of its great cocktails.

P J Clarke’s, New York. A venerable New York institution by itself, this 125-year old bar has a wealthy and colourful history. It is really as well-known for its old world ambience since it is because of its typically robust American food and drinks. This much-loved saloon bar possesses historic charm, a juke box and many a memorabilia of a period gone by.

Dry Martini Bar, Barcelona. Perhaps one of the few bars in the world dedicated to that particular iconic cocktail, the martini, the Dry Martini Bar is situated right in the centre of Barcelona. The theme of martini dominates the decor everywhere in this classic cocktail bar, whilst the menu groans under the weight in excess of hundred forms of this popular cocktail. Additionally there are leather banquettes, and wooden cabinets that proudly display centuries-old bottles.

Pusser’s New York Bar, Munich. The bar derives its name from the famous original Navy rum – Pusser’s Rum. Located on a peaceful side street in Munich, this bar flaunts a nautical theme, British naval paraphernalia from the 18th and 19th centuries – naval flags, old advertisements and historical photos – are on prominent display everywhere. It is also one of the last few piano bars in Munich and specialises in Caribbean-inspired and rum-based cocktails.

Bar K, Osaka. Just a couple kilometres outside Kyoto, Bar K in Osaka, may have most of the trappings of a classic American bar, but its whiskeys are intensely Japanese. Exuding a peaceful elegance, the bar is incredibly well-stocked with Scotch and Japanese whiskeys and the cocktails certainly are a connoisseur’s delight. The knowledgeable bartenders display great precision and style in mixing the drinks – a sight to behold in itself.

Saphire Bar, Berlin. This really is among Berlin’s best whiskey bars which comes with a staggering variety of cocktails as well. Elegant decor with white leather sofas invite its patrons to sip the bar’s signature whiskeys and cocktails and like a memorable evening.

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